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  • Vinafco Corporation was formally established on 31.10.2000 with the name Vinafco Enterprise, one of the members of a joint stock company. Parent company investment are container ships and delivered to use, management and exploitation. Scope of activities mainly business aircraft operators specializes in container transport inland North – South. 

  • In 2006, Enterprise Vinafco be converted into Company Limited Vinafco by the certificate of business registration number 0104000315 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi on 16 December 2006 with 01 models 1 member limited liability company 100% owned by JSC Vinafco 

  • April 2011, the company officially changed to the active form of Company shares and certificates are granted business registration number 0105275178 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi May 4, 2011, called "Corporation Vinafco". 

  • The main fields of activity of the company: Sea Freight, Trucking, Business Warehouse operators; Cargo handling, container repair … 


  • For over 10 years, with the human resources staff have professional management, professional, skilled and experienced in implementing marine transportation services, combined with the constant improvement enhances the transport system and new container ships, shipping Corporation Vinafco has developed strong, continuous improvement, enhanced quality of service, competitiveness in the market, affirming the brand and strong foothold in the market inland container transport. Business performance through the years of strong growth. 


  • With the provision of marine transportation services, optimization, scheduling tau reasonable transport diverse types of goods, multimodal transport, combined transport by sea and inland transport, cargo by ship from port to port (CY-CY), received delivery services at customer warehouse (Door-Door), competitive rates, quick procedures to ensure credibility in terms of time and quality to meet the highest service requirements of customers, Vinafco have been many large customers in selected markets, using services such as Viet Nam Kimbrely-Clark, Diana, Pepsi, Ajinomoto, Hanjin, Masan …. 


  • Target Branding Vinafco become a strong brand in the maritime transportation industry within Vietnam, the first expansion to international shipping routes, Vinafco constantly strengthen the organization apparatus, training and development of human resources, standardize service procedures, improving the quality of transport systems and container, breakthroughs and flourished, providing quality services high by international standards, to meet the requirements of optimization services on time, safe goods and reasonable prices to customers in countries and regions, attracting investor capital co meet the interests of shareholders, raise incomes for workers and companies develop growing and sustainable